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Andy Williams!

New 50's slash!

Has anyone noticed how slashy Andy Williams is? Well I have ;) and he's adorable. Don't believe me? I have quite a good number of video evidence now. I especially like when Andy sings with Jobim on stage, they're incredibly warm and cuddly and playful with each other. You can look that up on yt but the quality is awful. If you want to see them sing in all their stark couply-ness it's free to play on netflix 8D

But this video of Andy, Vic and Bobby is really cute too. Eddie Fisher calls Andy 'Bubula' X3 while 'teaching' him and Bobby Darin to sing Do RI MI and it's just the cutest thing ever. BTW, anyone else think Andy and Bobby are getting really flirty with the singing? Cuz i do...

There's also a video of Johnny Mathis singing with Andy and Mathis can't stop staring at Andy or cuddling up next to him. Looks like someone has a crush! Click here for the link because you won't regret it if you're like me!

And FYI, for those of you who like Frank/Dean slash and you know who you are, there was an Andy Williams interview on yt where he said that he and Frank were friends but what Frank and Dean had was different. 'They were very close' he explained... ;3

(If anyone's curious about watching the interview or anymore vids drop me a line, don't be shy)

Arjun/Shahrukh "Hot 'n Cold"

My second MV installation.

This time comical. Anyone want to comment on Shahrukh's faerieness? ;-) Feel free so I know it's not just me.

Teehee! Dean&Jerry kissy pic

xlions_roarx sent me this. Two words: Tee... Heeee!!!

lj cut to the awesome...Collapse )

"A Penny Lick"

I recently dug up this very short drabble buried deep inside my computer somewhere and realized how cute it was. I thought maybe I'd post it.

Warning: No plot, no smut, just humor... :-)

Inspired by a certain Colgate Skit, the boy's early history in Atlantic City and... a Penny Lick.


A Penny LickCollapse )

Mohamed Mounir & Amr Diab kiss!

Pleeeeeaz take a peek at this vid, it's only a couple seconds long, rlly and it is just the best thing ever! Even though the film quality is poor the love just comes gushing on out!<33 ... ^___^


Don't you just love how sweet they are! Such kisses! X3



Sacha Assaulted?

This news article says that during filming of new Bruno movie Sacha's leg was broken and its uncertain whether it was an accident or if he was assaulted.

'He is now hobbling around on crutches after apparently breaking a leg. His aides refused to say whether he had had an accident - or been assaulted by one of his prank victims.'

oh, and the films to be released in October! 8D

Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America For The Purpose Of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable In The Presence of a Gay Foreigner In A Mesh T-Shirt.

Semi Pro comes out tomorrow, bitches!!! YEZZZZ!<333

That's right, Will! Flaunt it, baby!


Now for some more pictures of Will here with some guy named Ben and looking uber couply<3


I know its not Chris or Sacha or Jon but still u have to admit this is adorable! Ah... hey, Will? Where'd ur wedding ring go? >>


O___O oh... mah...gawd

It's so good it hurts! XD

I found this while juggling between cleaning, writing fanfiction and listening to Sacha Baron Cohen sing 'I like to Move it, move it! I like t move it, move it!' XD but omg, Sacha looks soooo gay here!

I'd recognize those legs and teeny-weeny tight pants anywhere XD

whoot! ~ fanfiction XD

I've been wanting to write this for two years but school zaps all my writing time XD so here's to a future filled with lots of slashy writings... whoot!

Disclaimer: This is like one of many I want to write, based off the history of the Romanovs and the very, very gay Prince Felix Yusupov. This is based off fact, he used to sneak out every Saturday night dressed in his mother's finest clothes and sing in French at a nightclub called The Aquarium -- just like any good lil drag queen would! And one time Edward VII fell head over heels so, no one's saying it didn't happen but if it did, here's my depiction so... yay! XD

Warning: Slash... as if you didn't already know!

Pairing... so far: Edward/Felix

Tell me what you guys think! It'd mean a lot to me :3 don't worry, Dean and Jerry slash coming soon... and ah, pic of the Queen in question here on Queerdar...  and omg, look at his mother's dress <<;



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